Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bike Park at SFO

This is totally off-topic, but a bit near and dear to my heart:
SFO offers two courtesy bicycle parking areas at the airport. Passengers and airport employees may utilize courtesy bicycle racks located at Valet Parking (Central Garage, Level 4) and Courtyard G (International Terminal, Arrivals Level).

Bicycles may be parked for up to 14 days. However, bicycles parked for more than 24-hours must be registered. Bicycles parked in Valet Parking for more than 24-hours must be registered with the Valet Parking Agent; and bicycles parked in Courtyard G for more than 24-hours must be registered with the on-duty Cal State Patrol Security Guard. Bicycles parked for more than 14 days will be removed and disposed of according to applicable law.
More information over on the SFO page.


Anonymous said...

Just got back from parking my bike at SFO and it was a problem-free experience.

From the south (Millbrae avenue), take a left on McDonnell Road and you will immediately see green signs desingating "bike route," which follows the perimeter south of SFO. You'll get a great, up-close view of planes taxing for take-off; be sure to give a friendly ring of your bell to alert the pilots to your presence.

As you get closer to the airport, you'll see signs for "bike route" and "bike parking." If you follow these signs (from the south), you will take a right and enter a covered space. As you continue, you will see international passengers (car) parking on the left. Soon you will see a glass-enclosed "hut" marked "Attendant." Stop here to sign in (it was attended by a security guard during a "test ride" I took at 8pm Friday as well as at 7am on Saturday).

After signing in, continue right to the building entrance, where you will see several bike racks.

Although the SFO map shows several bike parking areas, this one is closest from the south and it was an exceedingly quick and easy thing to get to the United terminal 3. After securing my bike, I only had to enter the building follow signs to the elevator, take it to the top and get on the "AirTrain" system.

Overall, a very positive experience and I was able to save a lot of money.

Will do it again and encourage others to try it!


Anonymous said...

anyone know if the A or G Courtyard parking is covered from the elements? Or anyone have a photo?