Monday, July 02, 2007

Cougar Mountain DH Pics

Pics of the Cougar Mountain Classic DH course have surfaced online. A description from the builders:
We re routed the very upper section a little bit, so it's a little faster. On the steep section up top that use to be several steep rutted turns, we built 6 berms (which we've been watering daily Fri-Sun). We've widened and flattened a couple of the fast off camber sections so that you can carry more speed through those areas. We've built a bunch of smaller jumps and kickers through out the course. Cut-off a line to add another mini g-out section at the middle of the course. Bermed the lower flat s-turns from the past couple of years. And where the old finish line was, we put a series of whoops into a flat corner.

Then you cross the pavement onto the mountaincross-ish jump line beginning with a medium size hip jump. After that you go into a set of two doubles with table landings - into a berm, to a couple of smaller hip step up/down jumps to a final swooping berm back down the slight grade road to the new finish line at the expo center.
The events starts on Friday.

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