Monday, May 01, 2006

RACE REPORT: 2006 Shasta Lemurian Classic

The organizers of the 2006 Shasta Lemurian Classic have posted their results. Congratulations to:
  • Tim Olson (San Mateo, CA) for winning the long course (26 miles in 02:12:21)
  • Chris Coble (Concord, CA) for winning the intermediate course (20 miles in 02:01:11)
  • Hector Cadena (Pine Meadows, CA) for winning the short course (8 miles in 00:42:31)
You can replay some of the event over at with #3 Pro David Yakaitis (dyak), #5 Pro Oliver Bock (obock) or #6 Pro Mark Weir (norcal) GPS race summary.

There are some photos posted over at (also here).

UPDATE (05/01/06): Corrected winners. Sorry guys.
UPDATE (05/03/06): The SFist has a good race report.


bikejohn said...

You listed the results from 2005. The correct winners are;

Tim Olson - 2:12:21 Long Course
Chris Coble - 2:01:11 Med Course
Hector Cadena - 42:31 Short Course

/k said...

Doh! You're right. Corrected.

At least I got one right :>