Thursday, July 05, 2007

2007 Northstar DH #1 Results

The results for last weekend's long awaited return of downhill MTB racing at Northstar have been posted: Northstar DH Race #1 results (July 1, 2007).

Unfortunately, the results are a bit indecipherable. Taking my best guess, I think the following people won:
  • Pro Men: Ameil Cavalier (03:31.6)
  • Sport Women: Herndon Tasa (?) (05:24.5)
  • Beginner Men: Matt Collins (05:26.7)
  • Elite Men: Steven Ruud (04:00.4)
  • Sport Men: Graeme Pitts (05:06.1)
I haven't seen a lot of pictures for this race. The folks over at dhRENO have a race report and some photos up at Flickr.

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Here are some photos from dhReno on Flickr