Tuesday, June 13, 2006

2005 Cougar Mountain Winners Qualified For US MTB Nationals

Got an email from the Cougar Mountain Classic folks today:
Congratulations on your qualification for the 2006 USA Cycling Mountain Bike Championships brought to you by XFusion!

We have just confirmed that riders that qualified for last years MTB National Championships at the 2005 Cougar Mountain Classic, are also qualified for this year's 2006 USA Cycling Mountain Bike Championships at Infineon Raceway.

If you have recieved this email, we believe you are one of those qualified riders. You should confirm your qualification by finding yourself on the USA Cycling's official list of qualified riders on their website.

Please help us out by spreading this word to your friends. We do not have email addresses for all of the qualified riders. We have posted an unofficial list of riders that we believe qualified at last years event onto our website. You can use it for a quick check, but to be sure you should check the official list mentioned above.

Exactly one month until the 2006 Cougar Mountain Classic.
It looks like everyone who qualified for Nationals at last year's Cougar Mountain Classic will get a pass to this year's championship. Unfortunately for me, I qualified in MTX instead of what I wanted (XC).

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