Tuesday, June 13, 2006

2006 Magic Mushroom Speedway Update

The Trinity River Pirates have posted an update on the upcoming Magic Mushroom Speedway race:
At dark the race will begin to go into motion. Event staff will fire the generators and the Magic Mushroom course shall come to life under the moon and stars. I expect that this will be rather dramatic. At least for me!

Riders will then shuttle to the top of the course and await their turn to descend into a tunnel of christmas lights, black lights, floods and whatever type of lighting we can get our hands on. I am hoping to get ahold of a fog machine or two for some of the steeper parts! There may be ghetto blasters pumping sick tunes at some areas of the course. Who knows what you will encounter? All I can say for sure at this time is that although you will not be allowed to use a bike light the course will be lit well enough for you to throw down.

The race format will be three runs combined times. Lowest times win.

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