Wednesday, June 14, 2006

2006 Sky Tavern Announced

The University of Nevada Reno Cycling Team has announced the details for their 2006 Sky Tavern race. Providing both cross country (XC) and downhill (DH) competitions, the race will be held August 19th, 2006 near the Sky Tavern Ski Area [ MAP ].

The XC course is a technical 6 mile loop. The trail starts off with a steep fire road climb up to some tight, winding single track that finishes with a fast open descent. Riders will do between one and six laps (one for beginners through four for expert men and pros).

The DH course is a technical, rocky course with a couple of steep sections. They hope to use the same course as in years past. DH practice will be open in the morning.
Event: Sky Tavern Race
Dates: August 19th, 2006
Location: Sky Tavern Ski Area (Reno, NV) [ MAP ]
Competition: DH, XC
Cost: $30/event
Registration: Onsite race day only
License: NORBA
UPDATE (08/16/06): Updated information here.

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squawboarder said...

Ok DH course but real fun time loads of prizes for the ams at least there was its been a couple years since we raced on it but i will be sure to break it in for yall