Saturday, June 03, 2006

Oakland Scrape Alleycat Race

The folks at RideSFO tipped us off to the Oakland Scrape Alleycat Race, a checkpoint race around Oakland. Not your usual NorCal MTB Racing fare, but it is open to all bikes and and proceeds go to Cycles of Change, an Oakland based charity educating kids about bikes, so we decided to feature it anyway.

The race will be Saturday, June 24th at noon at Lakeside Park in Lake Merritt, near Lake Merritt BART [ MAP ]. The course is described as a 20 to 25 mile trip through "the East Bay, Oakland and Berkeley. They're all legally accessible and that's all were saying." Upon registering, you'll be given a checklist, to be stamped at each checkpoint, and a clue to the first checkpoint. From there you need to visit each checkpoint (possibly completing a challenge) to move onto the next leg.

The race costs $5 and you may need a bag and/or a lock for some of the challenges.

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John said...

already makin plans for the 2007 race. it's gonna be SICK.