Thursday, June 01, 2006


With the temperature finally getting back to normal, about a hundred and fifty or so people came out to Prairie City OHV for PCRS #8 last night.
PCRS#8 Rippin

We ran a short course (3.1 miles) last night, which was pretty flat (only 300' climbing) but fast and mostly singletrack. There were less sustained downhills (probably to cut down on accidents) but also a lot less climbing. The course went out into parts of the park that I hadn't ever been on before - it even crossed the road at one point by the motocross track.
PCRS#8 Home Stretch

Myself, I felt like I raced pretty well. I may have snuck into the top 10 in the my category, but most of all I had a good ride with decent lap splits. I hung with the lead group until getting separated at the end of lap 1, then rode alone for most of lap 2. It was nice not having anyone in front of me, making it much easier to read the lines. I was pretty lucky though - I saw a lot of people crash and walking there bikes into the finish line. Not sure if these were all mechanicals or what.

Pictures are posted here. Results will be are posted here later tonight.

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