Tuesday, June 27, 2006

2006 US MTB Nationals Course Update

Team Motionbased has posted a update on the 2006 US MTB Nationals site progress, focusing in the cross country (XC) race. From the sounds of it, they are using almost the exact same course as last year's Cougar Mountain Classic, which means hardpack hills in the heat and wind. Of course, being Motionbased, they have the elevation profile and GPS map. The most interesting part of the post is the Super D course description:
The Super D will probably be the rolling fire road section towards the end of the XC course into a descent with “obstacles” such as bridges and logs. It will be about 3 miles in length, tending to favor the stronger XC riders.
I don't think they ran Super D last year, so this will be all new. It looks like the mountain cross (MTX) and downhill (DH) will be held on similar courses as last year.

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