Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Norcal Racing This Week: June 14 - June 15, 2006

It's a full slate weeknight racing:
Tonight (WEDNESDAY) marks another Prairie City Race (PCRS#10). Riders do a varying amount of 4 mile laps (course varies weekly) depending on category. Registration starts at 4:15 PM and costs $25 (subsequent races cost $10). These are the last few races, so if you or your team is still in the points running . . .

Also on Wednesday is the second Howarth Park Dirt Crits in Santa Rosa, CA. Short (1 mile) course races for timed durations that are fun for the entire family. Racing starts at 5:30 PM and costs $9 for adults ($4 juniors).

Tomorrow (THURSDAY) the racing shifts to Northern Nevada and the Twilight MTB Series (TMTB#7). This week's edition of the race series is moving back to Reno at River Banks [ MAP ]. Registration and racing begins at 6:30 PM. Registration costs $5 at the race.
It's a slow weekend again for NorCal racing, so get your races in this week.

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