Thursday, June 08, 2006


It was a little bit hotter than most races this year, but we had another good turn out for PCRS #9 last night. And as a bonus, it was kiddie racing night. Woo hoo.
New course layout tonight. They started us going north into the "badlands" (as opposed to south through the "valley") which was about 2 miles of rocky, sandy whoops. It then brought us back by the starting point to race us down into the usual valley and around the the big downhill (haven't seen that this year) before climbing us back into the parking lot for the lap / finish line.
I didn't start my GPS at the start (damn gloves) but I think we did about 3.2 mile laps with 300 feet of climbing. Personally, my race sucked it. I started with the lead group in my category, but the combination of my new tires (Specialized Fast Tracks, excuse #1) and poor rear shock settings (excuse #2), dropped me off the edge by the entrance to the valley. My second lap was even worse, but I managed to bring a little shred of dignity to my day in the final lap. By then, I was really just looking to beat my personal rivals -- not worrying about where I ended in the standings. A least it was mission accomplished in that respect (I dropped him somewhere near the first climb of the second half of the last lap).

Pictures will be posted here and the results should be over here sometime tonight.

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